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Plooh phone

The world's first layer 3 wallet.
A completely private and truly non-custodial wallet for cryptocurrency, digital identities, and anonymous peer-to-peer transactions

Full back-up and restore functionality using our Social Key Recovery

Your crypto keys and digital identities are never stored on a server or a blockchain

Untraceable app-to-app communication, 100% anonymous, invisible peer-to-peer transactions

No account or KYC required

No seed phrase needed

What if the people you trust could help you backup and restore your digital identies
and your crypto wallets?

- 500 million Facebook accounts compromised -

- 200 million Outlook accounts hacked -

- man losses seed phrase wallet with 418 bitcoins -

- Exchange hacked and 500 million in bitcoin stolen -

- 500 million Facebook accounts compromised -

- 200 million Outlook accounts hacked -

- man losses seed phrase wallet with 418 bitcoins -

- Exchange hacked and 500 million in bitcoin stolen -

Who do you really trust?

The backup, restoration, and management of your digital identities should not be entrusted to those who do not prioritize their users’ privacy and security.

Big Tech companies are doing essentially everything possible to ensure users store their digital identities and as much personal information as possible on their company servers. Users’ personal information is then sold or traded to third parties for profit. These corporations have proven time and time again that ethics do not factor into their business models in any meaningful way and that placing any sort of trust in them is a mistake.

Now add that to the constant security breaches you’re rarely even made aware of. And if your digital identities aren't safe, are your crypto keys?
In reality, corporate servers are not a reliable home for either your digital identities or your crypto.

But where can you store crypto securely? Where is it safe from loss, theft, or confiscation? Where can it be recovered and restored to your wallet without using servers, passwords, seed phrases, or blockchain solutions?

We have an answer: the people closest to us. Who can you truly rely on? For most of us, those people are our friends, family, and loved ones. These people are the only network we should really trust.

Plooh network of trust

Our Timeline

2004 - 2020

16 years of development
and academic research

16 years of academic R&D related to secure data processing and its application to solve an array of financial data protection challenges

7 years of deep research into blockchain technology and how it can be used to optimize today’s financial processes. This is what led to the development of our proprietary new blockchain tech

July 2021

Launch of Plooh Keys app

The first 100% non-custodial wallet that uses our peer-to-peer encrypted interactions and communications

Manage your digital identities, keep your crypto keys secure, and backup and restore them using your friends, family, and peers

No server, no registration

Q3 2021

Launch Plooh Cash app

The first 100% peer-to-peer payment and DEX app

Pay or receive funds through entirely peer-to-peer interactions with total privacy guaranteed

Buy or sell crypto

No centralised exchanges or custodians are involved

Automatic back-up of your crypto keys through Social Key Recovery

Q4 2021

Launch Test Net DIAL Chain

DIAL Chain is a layer 1 public network that redefines the entire architecture of blockchain technology and smart contracts

Q1 2022

Launch Main Net DIAL Chain

Introducing Liquid Ledgers that mirror other crypto currencies for instant transactions

Introducing DIAL
A new crypto currency used on the DIAL Chain for service execution backed by deposited digital assets

Q2 2022

Project DX

Several exciting new innovations that we’ll announce as they near completion

What is  DIAL Chain?


DIAL Chain is a layer 1 public network that redefines the current architecture of blockchain technology and smart contracts

DIAL stands for Distributed Immutable Assertion Log

Unlimited block size

Multi-ledger capabilities

No governance

Extensive transactional scalability

No primary consensus mechanism

Focus on sealing participants assertions

Efficient architecture and intuitive programming interfaces

Low entry barrier to existing community of javascript developers

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Introducing  DIAL crypto currency

DIAL Coin (DIAL) is our native cryptocurrency for use on the DIAL Chain

Coin emissions come in the form of service credit (with expiry)

All coin emission are backed by liquid assets
Liquid BTC => BTC
Liquid ETH => ETH

DIAL uses “Proof of Stake” based validation of the DIAL Liquid Ledger.

DIAL Crypto Currency

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Our team

Francis Pouatcha

Founder and CEO

Francis Pouatcha

Francis is Co-Founder of Adorsys, an IT Company with offices in Europe, USA and Africa. He has a Master Degree in BA and Information Systems from the Friedrich Alexander University in Germany, Francis helped develop many of the Java Enterprise Standards. He lead the development of, one of the world best automated loan application processing systems. Francis is also working on the European PSD2 initiative, the OpenID Foundation FAPI working group and the Swiss SFTI open banking initiative.

Kristijan Cvetkovic


Kristijan Cvetkovic

Kristijan is the Founder of Credeo, an IT Company specialised in mobile and cloud development with offices across Europe. After earning a Master Degree in BA and Information Systems from the Friedrich Alexander University in Germany Kristijan was technical head of the Basel II project for private Banks in Germany. Kristijan and his team have 20 years work experience in developing backend and mobile solutions focusing on fully decentralised business processes.

Ferry Perret Gentil


Ferry Perret Gentil

Ferry, crypto enthousiast, trader and amateur miner, was the Founder and CEO of the international and award winning digital marketing agency dpdk with offices in the Netherlands and New York. dpdk works for the worlds biggest brands like Red Bull, Coca Cola, Nike, Heineken and many others. He also founded Little Alice, a conversion optimization and user experience testing agency.
Ferry is a business coach and trainer for two of the biggest startup incubators in Europe, EIT Food and Climate Kic.